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  EHS System
EHS Policy:
During the implementation cycle for the enterprise target, we administrate our operation activities in order to create benefits to the society. As such, we must assure to:
☆   Follow the state and local laws, regulations and rules as well as the international practices.
☆   Try to call each employee to be involved, continuously enhance all staff EHS consciousness and skills, andprotect the health of all of them and the people possibly being affected.
☆   Focus on prevention, maximally not to occur accidents, not to harm people's health, not to destroy the environment, and be widely accepted by the public.
☆   Execute the EHS system effectively, continuously upgrading EHS management and performance so as to maximally reduce the impact on the environment down to a pursuable level.
☆   Organize the clean production by implement the principle "high efficiency with lower consumption for energy saving".
EHS Objectives:
☆   Through training to entirely enhance all staff EHS consciousness.
☆   Construct waste water treatment center, conduct the trial run, and maintain its normal daily operation.
☆   Absorb the international company practice, improve our EHS system so as to meet such partner's requirements.
☆   Maintain and upgrading the management level and performances after the ISO14000 authentication.
☆   Maintain and upgrading the management level and performances after the OSHAS18001 authentication.
EHS Actions:
☆   Implement clean production and safety designing, to control the EHS issues from their origins.
☆   Improve the EHS organization, clearly define the responsibilities and functions.
☆   Improve the management system and operation procedures, regulate the management and operation conducts.
☆   Strengthen the site management to assure the equipment running smoothly under its required condition.
☆   Strengthen the staff training to enhance staff EHS consciousness and skills.
☆   Treat the wastes effectively so as to eliminate the impact on environment down to the lowest level.
☆   Execute rewards & punishment actions to encourage the staff actively involving the EHS management.
☆   Periodically organize employment sanitation inspection and examination to ensure the staff health.
☆   Set up a three level emergency responding system to eliminate the accident damage down to a lowest level.

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